What motorcycle should you choose for your first bike?

Picking your first bike isnt an easy task, lets be honest. You know your ready, pocket full of cash, friend with a truck on standby. Oh yeah, its time. Now the question is, which one? You can easily go full overload looking at all the models and types but my suggestion to you would be to start with the basics in any class your looking into. Harley Davidson perhaps? unless your 6'6" tall an 883 like this would be an amazing start. Once you've mastered all of the basic fundamentals riding a bigger bike becomes easy. If this isnt your style........

Maybe your into the Japanese aka "Rice rockets" and you love going really fast?!?! Take it easy speed racer, you dont start out breaking 200. You die that way. You want to start out smaller. Most would comment you need to stay away from the small 250 Ninja style bikes because they are too under powered , but I would disagree. Yes , it is all about how much you twist the throttle on the bigger bikes, but most of the time its better to learn on something that wont put you on your ass with too much of that twist. Oh , it happens.

Coming from dirt bikes and quads as a kid made it easy for me to transition to street. This gave me all of the small bike experience that I believe is needed to be a good rider in any condition on the street. In the end its all up to you to pick your baby. Its something that you will always hold dear. Your first bike. It all started for me on this baby.

In the end its up to you to choose your own bike path. No one has the same one.

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